Seamless integration of tram- and trainrail
This is a personal idea regarding a seamless tram- and trainrail connection for eg freight. See also . Improving the rail-system with this approach would allow electric transport of freight (emissionless) at a low cost. It's also easy to set up nationally (transport using private vehicles, (ie trucks, ...) is not). I was btw also thinking that the design of a special freighttram could also be useful: this special freightram could eg run on regular trainrails that are imbedded into concrete paving/roads. This would then allow the use of the same rails for use within a city as for outside of it (between train stations). As the rails are placed within the concrete (only a small opening is made to allow the undercarriage to slide over the rails) the (larger?) size of the rails is then no longer of importance. The vehicle itself would still have the width of a conventional train (length can be offcourse allot shorter), but this too is probably not a problem for most roads/urban alleys.

Other projects
Other projects that facilitate a move to a sustainable society would also be cost-effective. See
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